Our Focus

PMPC fights the battles needed to keep these natural places intact so you can experience all of your favorite outdoor recreational activities in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve

PMPC volunteers are advocates for ALL the mountain preserves in the City of Phoenix

In the Beginning….

Efforts by individuals to save the mountains within the city limits of Phoenix began in the early 1960s but coalesced into a group effort when the Phoenix Mountains Preservation Council was founded in August 1970.

Since the mountains are mute, a nucleus of determined PMPC members continues to speak out for them.  PMPC also publishes a newsletter, “The Phoenix Mountains Lookout” and sponsors events to acquaint political leaders and citizens alike with their mountain treasures.

The road has been long, bumpy and often lonely.  but the  core group has stayed together, remained active and continues to meet each new challenge to the best of its ability.  

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Acquisition of Land to Add to the Preserves

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Acquisition Of Land

An Interview with one of our Founding Members

This story is remarkable. PMPC holds the founders, their vision, and their fortitude and dedication to pursue the goal of preserving our mountains with our deepest gratitude. Maxine graciously shares the early history of PMPC, how the idea of protecting the Phoenix Mountains began, and how important the mission to preserve and protect the preserves continues. Patrick McMullen, current PMPC president, moderates this 15 minute interview. Maxine Lakin Interview