Cave Creek Wash MacEwan 480 Development Plan – Rezoning Issue:

The approximately 480 acres to the west side of the Cave Creek Wash, and south of the Sonoran Drive is set for rezoning. PMPC and the local community group “Save Our Sonoran Preserve” are very concerned that the Desert Character Overlay and the Edge Guidelines be adhered to in the development of this environmentally sensitive site in the north Phoenix area, adjacent to the Sonoran Preserve on its south and east boundaries. The Overlay designation would require a lower density of development in the north third of this site. PMPC has requested and will continue to request the City of Phoenix to have the developer adhere to this overlay in the site plan design, as well as assuring public access to public lands through the site. So far the developer and the City have ignored the Desert Character Overlay. The project is named “Verdin” For More Information
Save Our Sonoran Preserve